LanceCo Sprinkler Repair and Landscaping
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We promise prompt curtious service, We only use quality commercial parts. We leave every site immaculate. We are bonded and insured.

Our Services Include:

System Evaluations
We are experts in evaluating irrigation systems. If you have a coverage issue, or too many heads on one line we can help. Many times we can get an old system working by using new technologies.

Is you timer not working? We are experts in trouble shooting issues with timers and wiring. If it is determined a new timer is need we install state of the art comercial quality Smart timers.

Valve Replacement
We repair and replace both anti syphon and in line vales.

Sprinkler head Replacement
We can adjust, or replace sprinkler heads.


Drip System Repair and Install
We handle all aspects of drip irrigation from repairing a system to installing a new system.


Valve and Wire locating
We can locate hidden valves, or trace timer wire.

Low Voltage Lighting
We handle all aspects of trouble shooting, repair and installation of low voltage systems. We only use Quality Transformers, Lights and wire.


New SOD Installation
We will professionally install a lush SOD lawn for you. We can remove your old tired lawn, amend the soil with compost, make any necessary sprinkler repairs and then install your new Premium Sod.


New irrigation Systems
We install new irrigation systems using SHD 40 Pipe, swing joints at each sprinkler head, anti syphon or in-line valves, and a state of the art smart timer that is expandable for future needs.

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